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We offer customized solutions for companies who currently either have health and wellness programs or are looking to construct new health and wellness programs for their employees.

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of employees complete all 12 weeks of their program, increasing the success of making their new habits stick.
The average healthcare cost savings you can expect for every 500 employees who participate.
The average ROI for our programs just focusing on absenteesism and medical costs alone. - Harvard University
people have adopted Just Got Fit programs
to improve their physical and mental

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Give us 12 weeks. We'll transform your workplace.
Healthy Eating
The industry is saturated with confused social media "gurus" screaming misinformation online, bought and paid for studies, and endless experts echoing conflicting information. Is nutrition 70% of a successful program? 100%? Maybe 50%? Our experts take this seriously because this should not be priveledged information. We break nutrition down to its core and assist every employee in understanding what proper nutrition means for them. One size fits all diets and seasonal fads don't work. So what does? Clinically-proven nutrition programs built by experts from Harvard, Cornell, AHA, ADA, SOCOM, NFL, MLB, MLS, and customized to every single employee. This program will transform employee health from the inside out, on their own terms.
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Everyone knows exercise is a good thing, yet adopting a sustained physical activity routine can be tough. To drive weekly fitness habits, this program digs deep into why employees should make movement a daily part of their lives. Combining science and entertainment, we dig into both the physical and mental benefits derived from movement and tap into the intrinsic motivation that drives lasting change.
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Stress Management
Employers pay 50% more per year in health costs for stressed employees. Nationwide, stress-related costs add up to $300 billion dollars each year for U.S. employers. Motivate employees by sharing how chronic stress is harming, not helping, them. After employees understand that stress is not a badge of honor rather a barrier to realizing their true potential they are motivated to engage our tools to reduce it. Our Behavior Change Specialists provide the added support needed to master stress reduction techniques that stick around longafter the program is over.
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Mental Health
Based on two decades of research (and similar to the mental training mandatory for all new army recruits) this program guides employees through developing habits that have been clinically proven to increase resilience so they can take on any challenge that comes their way.
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Rest & Recovery
Many people suffer from poor sleep for years before consulting a doctor--if they ever do. This program helps employees assess and improve the quality of their sleep, leading to improved focus and energy in just 12 weeks.
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Tobacco Cessation
Quitting smoking is one of the most important things a person can do to improve their quality of life. It is also one of the most difficult habits to change. Many employees who smoke want to quit, but they need help. This program offers the support and tactics they'll need to finally succeed.
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Financial Planning
1 in 4 employees are distracted at work due to financial concerns. Financial planning takes the guesswork out of managing finances and helps employees understand the implications of each financial decision they make. This program delivers proven, step-by-step guidance on how to get financially fit, so employees can finally feel in control of their future.
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And so much more
We are your total wellness partner! All of our employers experience a positive return through increased productivity, increased engagement, higher employee retention rate, lower absenteeism, lower health insurance premiums, medical costs, tax advantages, & so much more. Participation is guided, progress is tracked, and ROI is measured. For both the health of the employee & your company.
Over 100,000+ individuals, experts, schools, agencies, and corporations of all sizes trust us... soon you will too.

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All in one solution

Individualized programs

Wellbeing on-the-go

With smart software, Just Got Fit adjusts and shapes around the individual’s chosen habit with one click.

MyPlan gives employees access to the most advanced tools in the wellness industry. These tools foucs on nutrition, fitness, mental health, behaivor change, and education.

Custom content delivery

Artificial intelligence

Your employees get access to a library of seminars, articles, videos, and studies. These are automatically delivered based upon relevance to each employees current health and past conditions.

Each employees' MyPlan is powered by artificial intelligence, allowing for instant adjustments to their custom made programs based on their progress.

24/7 coaching access

Weekly and daily goals

Employees have to option to select a coach and schedule 1:1 sessions in their MyPlan.

Each week, employees have a clear path of action to succeed in their journey.

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Meet MyPlan, perfect for wellbeing on-the-go

Fitness Module

Exercise Information

Custom training plans
tailored to your goals & preferences

Every exercise comes with a detailed walkthrough
& "how-to" guide

A.I. Progress Tracker

Dynamic 3D projections of your employees physique + custom deadlines

Autonomous Logging

MyPlan does your logging for you & populates all the relevant data on your dashboard

Nutrition Module

Custom meal plans that adapts to your tastes & preferences

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  1. "The prevention of chronic diseases has been
    chronically under funded. As we get older, fatter and less active, the weight of the world is falling on the bottom lines of the world's largest companies in the form of reduced productivity, increased tax burdens and declining competitiveness. Just Got Fit is tackling this issue head on, working with employees across the globe to improve their health on their own terms. All in a way that makes sense for them".
    Ryan O'Bannon, Co-Founder
  2. "... after being walked through the program, the science-based approach really appealed to me because I'm a bit of a skeptic with everything and have always been so confused when it came to wellness. I went from being diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2017 to running my first 5k in a matter of months. I can't thank you enough, this was the change I needed".
    Blake Ren, Employee
  3. "... I just feel better showing up to work, being on my feet the majority of the day took its toll over the years. Now i have the energy to do more things with my family after work and on the weekends... The whole environment has changed at work, you can tell everyone is happier. The benefits [we have] experienced are far too good to pass up, I wish we did this years ago".
    Thomas Rivera, Employee
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